11 Jan 12 at 8 pm

Me, on being Gay and Chinese.

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"The whole root of the issue is this: I’ve always had to work my hardest to make myself moderately attractive to men in so many different ways because being Asian, in certain circles, immediately makes you undesirable. I’ve negotiated parts of myself in order to become attractive to those guys because they were the only ones who would give me any attention. So when I was younger, yeah, I bottomed more because it was what they wanted. They wanted an Asian partner who bottomed—and if I didn’t, then they wouldn’t want me. […] I don’t need someone telling me that I’m beautiful or sexy or pretty or not fat, or whatever. I need someone to work towards where I am and not the other way around, because being understanding and trying to come around to “their side of the solution” is all I’m ever doing."

  1. sorryexcuseforasociallife said: I feel like many QPOC share similar experiences. If being of color doesn’t push us far enough into the margins, we’re also queer, abnormal to white-washed gay culture and heterosexual culture.
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